Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Mary M. Gates Learning Center enables the highest quality virtual and in-person meetings. Features include:

WEBINAR ROOMS: enable users to engage large online audience to facilitate real-time learning

Webinar Room


HIGH DEFINITION: video-conferencing facilitate “face-to-face” connections with colleagues across the globe for a clear and seamless experience

Meeting Room


BUSINESS CENTER: complete with computers and printers for last-minute meeting preparations

Business Center


HIGH DEFINITION PROJECTORS: strengthen your brand both in the building and globally



WEBCASTING: stream video presentations, meetings, Web- or video-conferences to the internet to a global audience



HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS: both wired and wireless connections for real time access



STUDIO: space for recording interviews and promotional materials

Mary M. Gates Studio


KITCHEN: on both floors for storing and preparing meals

Mary m Gates Kitchen Image


LOUNGE AREAS: comfortable chairs for breakout discussions and down-time

Mary m Gates Lounge Images

This technology helps us to reach a broader audience, making it possible to deliver the United Way message to our most impassioned supporters, who are ready to give, advocate and volunteer in their communities to advance the common good.